We are selling front
lots @ which are
approximatly 1/2
acre for $250,000

We project that the
lots will increase to
$200 per m2 within
1.5 years...this
relates to the lots
increasing in value
to over $350,000

With the
construction of a
house of a cost of
$180,000 (3,000 sq.
ft), we have no
doubt that the home
will sell for over
$600,000 USD!

It is proposed in the sale of lots in Playa Miramar there will be an
owners' association.

Offered in the association will be:
  • Shared costs for agreed upon improvements
  • Management service of individual property
  • Maintenance service of private property
  • Maintenance service of public property (the planned parks)
  • An architect and construction crew on staff who will design and build your
    home for 1/2 the current cost in other areas (approximately $60-65 per
    square foot)
  • A management team who have been in the development business for 30
The cost of the lots as of this time are as follows:

  • Front lots of 1/2 acre (including 400m2 of Zona Federal) are
    available $250,000 with only 12 remaining out of the original

  • Lots immediately behind the front lots.  Beginning at
    $65,000 for 1/3 acre.

  • Lots behind those, beginning at $45,000 for 1/4 acre.

  • All lots have beach access and services.

  • Lots in the Troncones are selling for more than $400,000 for
    1/4 acre and are 25 minutes away, with back lots going for

  • Lots in La Saladita are selling for $400,000+  for 1/2 acre
    and they are 15  minutes away

  • Lots in Pantla are selling for $340,000 for 3/4 of an acre

  • Check the following web page for information on land
    ownership and security in Mèxico: