plans of the lots/sections
Boca Seca is in Mìchoacan, Mèxico.  It is 1.5
hours north of Zihuatanejo and 20 minutes
south or Rio Nexpa a renouned surf spot.  It is
very close to Làzaro Càrdenas, a major port of
Mèxico and future home of an international
airport.  This is an opportunity to buy clear title
lots ranging in price from $80,000 for over a ¼
acre of beachfront  to $25,000 for lots back
from the beach but with beach access.  Water
and electricity are available to the lots.  We
also have available an architect and builders
who can design and build your dream home.  At
this stage, there are only five front lots left for
a beautiful white sandy beach
picture a house amongst the palms
Lovely flat lots amongst the palms