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Phone: 011 52 753 537 2861 from the U.S.
Phone 011 254 258 8800 from the U.S.
Phone 0052 753 118 8795 other countries

* Playa Miramar
(31.44 hectares)          
$3,772,800.00 USD*

* Playa Boca Seca
(7.24 hectares)      
$869,000.00 USD*

* Punta Paraiso
(1364 m2 lot)   
$150,000.00 USD

* Las Peñas
(2000 m2 2 x lots)        
$250,000.00  USD
Total  $5,041,800.00 USD  
In September, 2004, Malcolm Pointon moved to Làzaro Càrdenas, Michoacan, Mexico.  He had been visiting Mexico the last 12 years as a resident of Texas,
making extensive trips  throughout the country.  Having moved to Làzaro, he saw the potential for developing the natural resources into prime beachfront
property and homes.  There had been considerable development done in areas close to the Zihautanejo/Ixtapa area with considerable success.  The result
being that  beachfront property had escalated to an extent where it was beyond the reach of the average investor.

After extensive searching and negotiations, he successfully acquired several large, prime beachfront blocks of land.  At this point, he then joined forces with
another Kiwi associate, who upon seeing the incredible potential, sold his business and home in New Zealand to embark on this new development. And so, Kiwi
Corp became a reality.

With Glenn Pointon and Malcolm Pointon at the helm of Kiwi Corp (Mexico), these blocks of land are presently being subdivided and offered up for investment.  
The lots that are available for investment are currently being offered at half the local market value of the region.  Both Smith and Pointon feel that it should be
within the reach of the average person, who has a desire, to invest or have a beachfront home in the tropics of Mexico.

Glenn Pointon has been in sales and marketing for the last 15 years and Malcolm  Pointon has successfully developed property in Hamilton, New Zealand in
the past and was a partner in  five retail stores that had their own finance division in Texas.  Kiwi Corp now offers a full turnkey package for  prospective
investors including the design and build of your dream home.  The Pointons plan to reside in Mexico for the rest of their lives in the pursuit of their other
passions; mission work and surfing.

Over the last 12 months the development of the two major blocks has progressed to the point that individual lots are available for title and 50% of the lots are
sold. The site infrastructure is well under way and should be finished within 3-4 months.  Sales have progressed steadily with positive feedback from all the
clients that have thus far purchased.

There are two other subdivisions with 15 minutes of the present development that have seen price escalation of more than 150% of the original prices.  Prices
of lots in those subdivisions are now double those being offered by Kiwi Corp.  It is the firm belief of Pointon and Pointon and others involved in real estate in
the region that prices in Kiwi Corps development will follow the same pattern. We feel it is an opportune time to invest at the ground floor level of a subdivision
that will provide, not only investment potential but also a lifestyle opportunity.